Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Mystic Menagerie Issue #2

I do believe issue two is the cheapest issue that you can buy. Also as a plus the text is a separate entity that can be selected, which means that you can copy paste URLs instead of trying to type them from memory.

Black Hart’s Bizarre Artefacts By Freddie Valentine: Reviews of several products from www.blackhart.

The Mad Hatter Returns by Graham Yates: A seance effect centered around a hat box. Spirit writing and a spirit bell are the "magic" part.

The Corpse Candle Spook Lights for Seance By Dan Baines: This article takes up the lion share of the magazine but is also the main reason I bought it. I've always been enamored with the stories of floating balls of light and their causes and the ability to cause it to happen my self is a secret I had to have. Like most good methods this one is reasonably simple and unfortunately not for me in most cases but I will be looking to use it some time. Not just the method a few presentations are included as well.

DIXIE NIGHTMARES by Paul Prater: A civil war themed effect, a bizarre take on the cut and restored rope and on rope through neck.

Mystery A Human Curiosity by Freddie Valentine: An essay on the human fascination with the mystery and what you need to do as a performer to harness it.

Magic and Magick- some thoughts.... by Freddie Valentine: An essay on how Freddie Valentine became a "holder of dark secrets and collector of sinister objects" an interesting look about how even if you're doing something like sponge balls people still connect you to more mystical powers.

Then there is some closing remarks which is followed by;

The Bit in the Back By Bertoneski: I don't care for this part, especially as is it comes after the closing remarks makes it feel out of place. To me the closing remarks is the end of the magazine so this bit fells tacked on.

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