Thursday, January 31, 2013

So many billets

I have a drawer full of billets. Ever since I first started reading Practical Mental Magic (I'll finish it some day) I've been searching for the right billet for me and the techniques I'm trying. Different types of papers and folding methods, and they just keep piling up. I do mean to work more with them but it just never happens. The problem so far as I see it is that there is no one fit all solution, Business card stock is the current front runner and it's too thick for a smooth and easy center tear but it works for the switchcraft switches and the Acidus Novus peek. The runner up is index cards but the problem I'm having with them is no fold produces a good size billet. It's either a tiny almost square rectangle that is too small or a long skinny rectangle that is too big. While it's not a true center tear Switchcraft by Elliot Bresler has provided me with a center tear solution that will allow me to use business cards.

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