Monday, March 21, 2011

Stolen from weekly magic failure

So I found this in my blog feed today I got it from here

I like this vid. I know I said I'm not against exposure and I'm not but this vid isn't giving the original a hard time for being an exposer. He's giving them a hard time for making such a slack-arsed video. If you're going to make a video where you're going to perform a trick and then reveal how to do the trick. Learn to do the damn trick well first. If you can't do the trick then just skip to the reveal because you suck so much we know how its done from your performance. And for Freya's sake get a real camera and take two steps back from that thing, you can ignore the first one but the second one don't. Being right in front of the camera and doing the trick inches from the lens looks bad and is annoying to the viewer.


  1. Thanks, for the rep dude, I personally have nothing against exposing and teaching magic tutorials, hell its helped more people than its hindered. But as you say, I rip into guys who use magic soley for the purposes of getting more views, tho they can barely do the effect, But exposure is just an easy card to get to popularity, but again, I'm glad you enjoy my work and got a laugh out of it!


  2. I've always felt that those videos were only being watched by magicians anyway. To find a tutorial or exposing video you need to know the name of the effect first. And mostly the names are only known to magicians.

  3. Your spot on, for example how would a spectator know the name of a "Marlo Snap Change" or "Jenning's Open Travelers" (Now usually known by the Harris variation, Invisible palm), they won't, you can qute Larry Jennings to your hearts content, and write Jennings all over the card, most spectators wanna just see a trick, the history and referencing is just complimentary to them. After all is the term "Sinful" really related to the idea of pushing a coin thru a soda can, not to a spectator it won't be, so only a magician will be able to youtube them anyway, so it becomes bizarre, and in fact i've taught people how to do trick myself because they begged me (friends in a real world situation, not on video), but than I come back next week and do the same shit, and they forget completely how its done. Has exposure hurt magic, not really, magics only dead when people say its dead, and thats what killing magic people saying "its a dying artform" they're putting the nail in the own coffin with that.

  4. With a visual effect like coin through bottle, a method could be found. Maybe not the specific one. But I remember after seeing the color change called shapeshifter I wanted to learn the move but did not know the name. So I searched for it, trying to describe it every way I could think of into google. It did me no good. I never found the name or how to do it until it was mentioned in Ellusionist Army of 52 DVD