Monday, September 5, 2011

Idea for patter

So the effect is the classic silk to egg where the finish is the egg is cracked and the contents emptied into a glass jar. So my idea for patter comes from the book "My magic life" by David Devant. In it he relates the story of the time where a housekeeper thinking how embarrassing for him it would be if he dropped an egg and it splattered everywhere decided to hard boil all the eggs. And during the performance he was surprised by the eggs condition. The last line of the chapter is the perfect closing line. "To this day the people of this town believe the first step in producing silk flags from an egg is to hard boil it. They have no idea what you do next, but they know you boil it first."

So the the patter is relating the story and to finish you peel a hard boil egg during the last line and take a bite out of it. Fun tip if you wait a week after purchase before boiling an egg it peels easier. If you worry about it going bad egg will remain good for up to eleven weeks properly refrigerated.