Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updates to the Blog

Well I have made two changes to the blog, first I added a blogroll. Featuring blogs I find to be truely usefull. Not every blog I follow just the one I thing are really good.

Ye Olde Magick Blogge. This is the best one on the list. It give valuable information useful to all level magicians. I recommend going through his archives and listening to his talks with Tyler Erickson. And if you're new to card magic his posts annotating "The royal road to card magic" are good ones. (Sadly this blog is no longer with us as the author closed it after receiving some disturbing personal attacks he decided to pack up his things and leave.)

Itricks This one is full of magic news but half their posts are sponsored posts which are like commercials. But thats the cost of doing business I guess.

The Weekly Magic Failure This blog points out what the author feels to be Jackassery in the magic world. His 'ways to not be a magic failure' is good advice. You don't have to agree with him (I don't always) but at least he gives you something to think about.

Online Magic News This blog is the blog for Ellusionist a web store focused on "street magic". Really big on the cards but they do have good info to share in the blog. Sometimes the posts are just to sell their wares but thats business. They also have a good forum.

The Pit and The Pendulum This blog is focus on Bizarre magic and is currently on hiatus. But it has a good backlog to read through.

I have also added a Youtube video bar. I wanted to link it to my channel but that didn't work. So I just plugged in a bunch of magic keywords I will work on fixing it but for now thats what you got.

I have also added a poll; self explanatory.

I will also be adding a links list as soon I work out what links I want to share, it will have its own post.

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