Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Update

So I added a Links bar to the side.

Bizarre Magic Forums. I really debated adding this site because its so good I wanted to keep it to myself. Its a small forum with only handful of active members but those members know their stuff. Access to the good stuff is by approval only so going there and acting a fool will do you no good.

Brian Brushwoods Scam School This is a series where magician Brian Brushwood teaches you various magic tricks and scam to help win free drinks at the bar. Its all good information and well shot.

Ellusionist This is a webstore focusing on Cards and Street magic. Good products and nice custom decks. They also have a forum I check regularly and turn to when I need card advice.

My Youtube Channel This just my youtube channel no uploads yet.

School for Scoundrels This forum could be considered the Whit Haydn school of magic. If you do magic about cons or The Three Shell game, Three card monte, or fast and lose then you need to be there. Also you can find a link to their store their for the best props for those games.

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