Monday, November 12, 2012

The Best Color Monte Ever.

The original Color Monte (or at least the one I know as the original) using a red and blue diamond is a bit of a silly trick. And I always wondered if it was just colored squares why have a standard card back. There are a lot of versions of color montes out there. Various colors, pictures, and themes. But for the most part they are very similar, they feel similar. This one feels different. It has three actors and makes use of the audience. The audience participation is funny without making anyone the butt of a joke. Even if the story is similar, I feel a lot of thinking went into this effect. Then think of the effort of working in two other actors. Thats a lot of work in jazzing up the color monte and to me that shows that the magician really cares about giving his audience something to see.


  1. the actors (nice effort - great energy - but too 'over the top'), and apparent lack of 'storyboard' where camera shots are concerned really upstaged the concept, which I think could be good. A new director...?

  2. Also, the primary character, grifter, could make a cool little showcase piece out of this. Same actors - just turn 'em down some, and completely rewrite camera sequence to focus on storyline, the "Monte" rather than chasing erratic characters around the set..........don't be offended......I like the piece enough to care if it gets a remake.

  3. You're overly focused on the camera and what it's doing. While it does have that nice intro I'm fairly sure the video of the performance is one from a spectator rather than a professional. I don't know it's just some video I found on the net. Also they're not performing for the camera, they're performing for the crowd.
    As for the level of the characters it's important to remember the venue. This is likely taking place at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the characters are blown up like most entertainment offered to children.