Monday, November 26, 2012

Book of Forgotten Secrets by Stephen Minch

The webpage said "This IS your father's bizarre magick, full of alien gods, scuttering monsters, pentagrams and flash paper!" how could you not want a copy. In the seventies Stephen Minch released a book of seven H.P. Lovecraft inspired routines called 'Lovecraftian Ceremonies' it is now out of print and hard to get and I so very much wanted a copy. Lucky for me in 2009 an updated and expanded version of the book was released in a limited run under the title of "Book of Forgotten Secrets" each copy is signed and numbered. Mine is number 400 out of 500. Now I'm not going to go into the effects this a book a secrets you want the secrets you gotta get the book. First thing I like about this book is the look of it. It looks like a book of secrets should. It even has one of those built in ribbon bookmarks. The only way it good be better is if it was aged and written in some indecipherable script. It starts by stressing the importance of performance in order for the success of the effects. Even with the actual effect more information is placed on the script than on the methodology and stage direction. When it comes to methodologies don't expect any mind blowing new methods. Not only is it you fathers bizarre magic it's also his methods. So there really nothing here for what could be called move monkey's, the people that buy up everything they can in order to learn all possible methods. Where I think this book is the most use is in building an understanding of the proper way to construct a bizarre routine. There are somethings that took a second read through for me to get, like the advice to not do these routines for Lovecraft aficionados. I kind of feel that if you're into bizarre it won't hurt to have in your collection. 

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