Thursday, October 18, 2012

Character in Performance by Eric Mead
An interesting article found on Dan and Dave Buck's website by Eric Mead about the importance of character and how it relates to one's show. I have always felt that character is important, that it's one of the things that separates magicians from guys doing tricks. In the article Mead poses two questions to ask one's self.  "1. What is my character? And 2. What is my show about? Or to say it differently, Who am I in performance? And Why am I performing? Answering these questions will go a long way to giving you an original point of view, and a reason for an audience to watch." Mead says being able to answer these questions clearly and succinctly is important. So I will endeavor to answer them here.

1. What is my character? 
A wizard conman/salesman.

2. What is my show about?
My show is about selling some magical item.

Those are the main ideas in my head when imaging my show.

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