Thursday, October 4, 2012

The various roles of a magician.

The writer writes it, the director directs it and the actor acts it. All three are distincly different jobs and many books advise against crossing roles. None of them is an easy role to fulfill either. But a magician is expected to fulfill all three. In fact if he does not he is looked down on by the magic fraternity. Which is dumb most of the big magic names have huge crews to help them succeed. Any way you start with the writing, if you don't write your own patter you are not a real artist or what ever. This idea is stupid because if everyone could write something entertaining they would. But lets say you write some patter now you have to direct it. Which bring its own problems like how do you know what needs to be cut out. Besides the fact that you are attached to what you wrote being a genius artist that you are, its hard to step out of your self and objectively review the material as it is performed. So now you have to act it and the only thing you have to go on is your audiences reactions good reactions means on the right track bad one means its back to the drawing board. Being a performer is hard work and even harder considering that any failure is on your own shoulders. Definitely not a career path for every one.

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