Monday, April 9, 2012

Stigmata by Wayne Houchin from Ellusionist

So what did this cost me, nothing it was part of a prize pack from a contest. I think it cost like 30 bucks. What you get is a DVD in a very flimsy case. So the thing I like about this DVD is that the performances are in front of live people on the street. And after going over the how, they go back through the video of the street performances with voice over telling whats happening behind the scene. There is also some extra footage of live performances. And an interview with Banacheck. So what is Stigmata, at its most simple level its a reveal. What you get is three ways to set up for the reveal; one with cards, one with a peek, and one with a psychological force. Beyond this its up to you and your imagination. In addition to the reveal Wayne Houchin goes over the classic force and the Acidus Novus peek (Which is useful for so much more than just Stigmata)

In the video it appears that Wayne just walks up to people and just does Stigmata. I can't see my self doing it that way unless I knew my time was limited and I wanted to blow their minds right away. I'd either use this as a closer or as a transition effect. After doing a few regular effects I could see myself using this to transition to more heavy bizarre material after I'm sure I have them along for the ride. It starts in a familiar pick a card territory and slowly builds to bizarre.

I will say this like a lot of Wayne Houchin effects this one takes presentation. It does not work as a hey look what I can do. However if you think you have the acting skills to sell this effect and the character to support it I could see it being worth the $30. Personally I'm just happy walking away with the Acidus Novus peek but it was a free DVD for me.

If you found this review to helpful or you thought it sucked let me know in the comments section.


  1. Will you elaborate on exactly what you mean by the acting skills to pull it off? Why does it require acting skills? Is it risky and obvious without mastering a way to distract the audience?

    1. All magic takes acting, but like Rick Jay said "magic is a powerful art that can support a weak performer". There are effects that when performed flawlessly will still amaze spectators. Stigmata is not that kind of effect, without a solid presentation you will get more meh's than wow's. With the exception of the the psychological force method it's not at all risky and on the whole it is rather simple. But like I said it is basically a reveal, and reveals take a build up to amaze. This one also borders on the bizarre, while it may not be full on bizarre magic it's not far off.