Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bicycle Dragon Back Playing Cards from US Playing Card Co.

I don't know about other card workers but I've been know to drop a pretty penny on what is basically just a deck of cards. Specifically the decks produced by magic makers. I've been know to spend $13 at my local brick and mortar and I'm interest in one that cost $35 it comes with a dvd but still. But at those prices they are not really practical for the working magician. I mean I wear a deck out in like two weeks with just practice. If you only do stage or parlor magic then you can afford to have an expensive deck. But for for a strolling or busking magician thats not a cost effective solution. So when I was in Target and found the Bicycle Dragon Backed deck for ~$3 I was very interested. I really like this deck. The back has a medieval feel. The colors are a little deeper and richer than in a normal deck. The back design is also subtly one way. In addition to the regular 54 cards. Mine came with a card advertising the other brands of cards produced by the US playing card Co. I like this card because it has a the dragon back so I can use it to make gaffs. It also came with a double-backer which is unusual for a regular deck of Bicycle cards. I also like that the regular sized Joker is colored in. As for the smaller joker that has US Playing Co.'s guarantee  I used to not use those at all but now I make breather crimps out of them which I find useful. Besides the look they are of Bicycle's normal high quality and handle well.

All in all this is a good deck and if you can fit it in with your character at $3 a deck you can't go wrong with it.

If you found this review to helpful or you thought it sucked let me know in the comments section.


  1. The issue I find with these decks IS the minute you pull this out, its not a regular deck to a spectator, it looks specifically designed, hence it will arouse suspicion, when they see a different looking deck the effects look less impressive ecause they ump to the conclusion of "magic deck, specifically designed," where as if you use a red or blue backed deck, its much more convincing because its normal and local to them if you get me.

  2. tho the desin on this is much more subtle, and all the cards are seemingly normal ace thru king, Way better than Black Tigers, black tigers are terrible for convicing anyone they're normal

  3. I'll be honest I've not encountered that problem. I use a lot of non-standerd decks and gaffs but no one has ever jumped to trick deck explanation. I think the reason for this is two fold. First I let the spectator handle the deck if I can. Secondly my character lends it self more to the slight explanation.

    I'm not a fan of any black deck just cause they show so much wear.