Monday, January 7, 2013

Magic doesn't belong on film

I'm coming to believe that Magic doesn't belong on film more and more, for several reasons. But for me the main reason would have to be it devalues magic in the eyes of the spectator. There's no spectator management all those people who treat it as a puzzle will just watch it over and over again looking for the smallest error or hint of and then if they have the slightest idea the crow about it like they're Albert Eisenstein reincarnated. Magic needs value to keep from being just tricks, it may be a silly catch phrase for a cereal but it's true "Trix are for kids". If as performers we want people to see magic as something other than silly amusements for children we need need to offer something of value.

Magic exists only in the connection between performer and audience and that can't be captured or reproduced with video.

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