Monday, January 14, 2013

The Mystic Menagerie Issue #1

Issue one is a bit on the short side but it is free and you can't really expect there to be a lot of contributions to the first issue of anything. After a short introduction we get into the first article;

Hypno Knives by Freddy Valentine: This is is a rather creative routine for the colour changing knives effect, but I don't see why it could not be applied to similar effects for example the hot rod.

Revelations by Reverend Tristan: I'd hesitate to call this a routine or an effect, it's more some ideas arranged in a way that that could be something. Which is pretty much what it claims to be, an idea to stimulate your own thinking, that and a way to weird out the Mormons that come to your door.

Review - Doug Higly's Eye of the ripper: What's a magazine without a review of something, and this is a rather thorough one.

Psychic Cleudo by Paul Voodini: This routine seems like would be quite a bit of fun. Cleudo is apparently the Brit name for the game Clue. Basically you invite people to play a game of "Psychic Clue" where one person knows the who what where and every one else tries to pick up the psychic answers. And then you finish off by strait up reading their mind. I like that I could totally imagine people playing this game for real and it seems like it would be loads of fun even without the effect.

Illuminatus by Freddy Valentine: This is just a little heads up about a site where a man has managed to cram all sorts of things into bottles.

Tsarology by Reverend Tristan: A psychometry effect with tarot cards.

Tarot Telling Tales by Reverend Tristan: This is supposed to be anecdotes by Reverend Tristan from doing readings but judging from the jump I'd say a whole page is missing from the magazine. You pretty much miss out on the interesting part of his tales. But it does end with an extremely valuable piece of advice applicable to any reading system.

This is followed by some closing remarks from the editor and then some reviews of really old movies by the man that does the layout for the magazine.


  1. thanks for the tip, I take a look at the color changing knife stuff (I do it with pendrives)

    1. No problem, it may not be my favorite color changing knife routine (that honor is held by "The Intricate Web of Distraction" by Pop Haydn), but it is my favorite part of this issue.