Monday, March 11, 2013

Business side of Show Business.

A thought occurred to me while browsing the forums, why don't we talk more about the business side of magic. Especially the marketing side, it rarely get much of a mention and the last two times I saw anything about it there were some rather disparaging comments. Saying that magicians who appear on TV contest shows were prostituting themselves is a bit much coming from some armchair philosophizer hiding behind the anonymity of the net. With as often as someone asks questions about how to get working in magic, I rarely see good suggestions for relevant books or sources.

Though I'm willing to bet it has more to do with human nature because it's a lack I've seen it elsewhere. I've seen the lack on a forum for Burlesque and most recently I'm watching a friend's business fail because she has not done her marketing homework and has shot down any sort of you need to work on marketing suggestion I've made. To be fair I'm one of those marketing weirdos that enjoys all the marketing stuff. I'd probably read about it even if I had nothing to sell.

I had an idea for a marketing approach for the mentalists and anyone with a close up effect that uses a business card. Instead of getting your info put on the card get an advertisement for an upcoming show printed. Of course this is for if you actually have a regular or upcoming show.

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