Monday, March 25, 2013

Why everyone tore up over Brushwood and the ID are lazy F*#@s

I belong to a couple forums but I rarely check them so most of the magic news I hear is from various feeds and blogs. And for some bit of exposure to make it on there it needs to have kicked up some sand. Oh and it did with Brushwood and the Invisible deck. That made a few appearances and there was much of the usual back and forth over exposure. I'm not here to talk about exposure, I think I've said my piece on that. I think that all this sand kick had less to do with exposure and more to do with laziness.

I've seen every scam school episode, I've been following it for just about as long as I've been serious about magic so I've seen every thing he's ever "exposed" and three months before be he exposed the ID he exposed stripper decks (and he used the actual name of the gimmick in the title and description which he did not do for the ID) and I don't remember any sand kicking from that. So I got to thinking of what the difference was and I came to the conclusion that ID is an easier trick. It's practically self working and it is definitely one where even a poor performance gets a good response. Which is probably why just about every performance I've seen of it looked almost exactly the same. To me those upset are just angry that they may have to put some effort into their effects now.

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  1. Nevertheless, while I agree with you, Mr Bushwhacker is a silly cunt.