Monday, March 18, 2013

be a pro

Before I get into this rant I'll just make two quick points, about the objections I know I'd see if I posted this to a forum. First off yes there is an exception to every rule. Are there performers than can successfully do what the rest are told to avoid, of course there are, but not many and you're probably not one of them. And I don't really care if you think you could be one or not. Secondly I'm talking about professionals in professional settings. So if you're an amateur or hobbyist then what I'm ranting may not apply to you. Also if you are a professional in truly impromptu or causal setting I might be willing to concede that you can have a pass as well.

You are a professional entertainer meaning someone is paying you to do what you do at a specific location at a specific time. Act like a professional, this isn't about dress and behavior, I'm talking about your actual performance, you shouldn't be making it all up on the spot. And even if you are a "jazz" performer it should not look like you're making it up on the spot. Everything you do should say "I am a professional, this is what I do, I have a plan, I am in control." Even if your character is a "magic happens despite my efforts" character,  you should still look like you know what your're doing and what you plan to do next. Nothing annoys me more than when I see patter that suggest one is just making it up as one goes along.

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