Monday, September 17, 2012

Shame on me?

So I was at a friends going away party and I don't like parties. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and my interesting in nailing drunk chicks is surprisingly low for my age range and peer group but parties are a good opportunity to practice my magic. Well I approached one person to inquire if there were interested in seeing some magic. The were surprised not at the opportunity to see magic but that there were two magicians at the party. I was surprised myself, of course I had to seek out this magic man. I found him and he was a bit too drunk for magic but still doing it anyway, by too drunk I mean he couldn't still perform his slights and he had this color change he though was all that but I couldn't see it fooling a sober person. Most of what he showed me (and that I saw him show others before I approached him) was packet tricks even that color change he use the jokers and carried them separate from the deck. As far as I can tell he used the deck one time. And card magic was all I saw him do. I was polite watched everything he wanted to show me and the harshest thing I said to him was "Probably works better when your spectator isn't a magician." When he showed me that horrible color change.

Now where is the shame on me part that gave the post it's title? Well later as I was heading out one of my friend stopped and inquires if I had found the other magician and what I thought of him. My reply among other comments was "I'm a magician, he's just a guy with a magic hobby." Oh the hubris. I know I was once like him in skill level at the very least. Saying something so derisive is not to be done, although I still stand by that statement. I know there are various ways people define what makes a magician. But at least to me its more than someone that knows a few packet tricks.

I have a character, I do more than card effects, and I've practiced my effects so much that even when I'm fall down drunk (I got drunk to please a depressed friend, it was not fun, but I do not regret it) I can still do my sleights flawlessly. I'm committed to magic and performing. I study and practice every day. That makes me a magician. One day I will be a professional performer.

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