Monday, April 11, 2011

What I learned from karaoke

So I agreed to be designated driver for my brother, not a big deal since I don't drink. But this did mean I had to go to the bar. Anyway it was karaoke night. So I decided to sing a song or two. I flipped through the book of options and picked one. I thought I knew the song I thought it would be easy. I was wrong, way wrong. For my first song I picked:

The first problem was I didn't realize that I was going to have to all the characters and the singing. So I stumbled through the first 3rd of the song. And I had the stage fright. Not hard to get singing for a room of drunk strangers. Like usual my stage fright manifested through a shaky hand not a problem while I'm singing, but a pain when I'm doing close up magic.

For my second song I picked.

The second song I picked I was more familiar with the words and the rhythm and what have you. So during it I had no trouble. Also just as the song started a guy came up and asked if he could do T-pain's part, I was like sure. So that was cool.

I had a good time.

So what did I learn? I learned that when you're performing sober in front of strangers it really helps to know what your going to be doing before hand. It helps a lot.

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