Thursday, December 20, 2012

Free magic DVD from Penguin Magic

So as stated before like most people I have a weakness for things I'm told are free and the free beginner DVD from Penguin Magic was no exception. I may do a review later but there are two things that annoyed me right off the bat about this free "DVD". First is that it's a gigabyte direct download. That's the kind of bull that will mess up a lower end computer and poor connection. It took my computer the better part of an hour and slowed everything down to download it, luckily it made it all the way through with no issues, haveing to restart would mean I would've quit trying to get it. But I feel that if your file is over 250 megabytes it shouldn't be a direct download. That is what torrents are for, that's why every version Linux out there has a torrent option. Maybe they figure people are stupid and that if they let them torrent one thing legally they'll torrent everything else illegally. My second issue is calling it a DVD, this is one big arsed movie file, it lacks the features of a DVD like a menu or easy navigation. It's almost 3 hours long and there's no list of effects mentioned anywhere. If you're looking for a specific effect you just have to to click around the time bar looking for the right bit. It's a right pain and nothing I've seen so far seems all that great.

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