Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So tooling around the old threads on forums you find interesting ideas. Unfortunately its bad form to post in old threads but luckily I have a blog so I can still say what I want. One of the topics was about mastery. The questions were; 'What is mastery of an effect? Can any effect be truly mastered? And Do you need to master all your tricks?'

To me mastery of an effect means you know that effect inside and out, you know what it takes to perform it, you know how the audiance percives it, you know most alternate handlings. You know every thing that can be expected of you to know about that effect. You should also have reached unconscious competence. That's a lot of stuff for just one effect but that's what mastery means.

Can an effect be truly masterd? Of course, I think I can confidently say Whit Haydn is a master of the shell game. Gazzo is a master of the busking Cups and Balls.

Do you need to master all your tricks? Hell no! That would be insane. Now you need to put the time in to perfect them but you can stop there. You need to be able to perform the effects you have decided to add to you repertoir with no trouble. But do you need to master all of them? Uh No. Mastery should be saved for effects you love, the effects that you want to do for the rest of your career.

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