Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vaudeville Decks from Blue Crown

So maybe I'm spoiled by my experiences with other online retailers but I think when all I order is three decks its fair of me to expect a quick turn around. I ordered three Vaudeville decks from Blue Crown. I always order three when I get a new style of deck. That gives me one to wear out, one to show off and one to keep mint for my collection. Well I ordered on Thursday morning around five am. I received conformation of shipping the following Monday. As far as I'm concerned that means it took them three business days to ship three decks. That's a strike against Blue crown as far as I'm concerned.

Now it seems a double backers are little on the popular side as several decks come with them. But the double backer in the Vaudeville deck has a reveal that looks nice and fits the theme. And as a bonus if you buy one of the decks you get a free download of how to use the double backer reveal. Well it was free so I can't really complain about that now can I. The effects on it were not stunners but they at least will get ones thoughts flowing. Although I think that one of them could be built up into something pretty good even though the guy in the video didn't even consider it to be an effect by it self.

So I got the package and I open it and I'm so very taken with the tuck box that the slow shipping is forgiven. The pictures don't do it justice. The tuck box is embossed so the all the gold parts stand out so elegantly. I open the box and the card are just beautiful I'll be honest the stock and the finish are nothing special and is at least on par with the quality of regular bikes. The four kings are four magicians from the vaudeville era; Houdini, Alexander, Thurston, and Carter. Houdini is easy to pick out. The others are too if you know their history, the jacks and queens are supposed to just be modeling the fashions of the times. I like the all the spades myself. Also the pips are not solid mono colors there is swirl to them that is just lovely.

I'm glad I got mine when I did because it seems they are sold out now. I also hate that I could not get an uncut sheet. I revived an email with the opening of the House of Playing Cards that said they had 3000 decks and there would been no reprints. That's some bull in my opinion. I loved the Vaudeville deck but I'm not too happy with Blue Crown.

If you found this review to helpful or you thought it sucked let me know in the comments section.

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