Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Open letter to card makers.

This is an open letter to all those companies that make an awesome deck and then only run off a few thousand and never make them again.

Dear Above-mentioned,
Knock it the fuck off. You are knowingly limiting supply to drive up demand. And I'm tired of jumping through hoops to add to my collection. I just found out that a deck I like and wanted to use for performance only has certain number printed and it will not be re-printed. What am I supposed to do order a whole bunch. If I could of done that I already would have. I spent $50  today that I didn't really have available to spend because it was my only chance to add a rare deck to my collection. The company I spent the $50 at is real bad about creating rare decks on purpose and then making them a pain to get. But at least that company is upfront about it. They tell you only a few thousand will be printed. The first company I'm ranting about I feel didn't say anything about their limited supply until they released a new website. And neither the old site which sold out of the deck last week or the new site which just happens to have 3000 decks remaining say anything about the limited not going to be re-run-ness of the deck. But the email hawking the new site does. Which shakes my trust in the brand it does.

Too poor for this crap.

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