Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Keyword Searches and huge downloads.

One of the stats blogger tracks is what words were googled that brings people to the site. The only one I can see for the last month is "penguin magic torrent" I can't help but wonder if the person who google that and came to my site was dissapointed. If you don't want to read the relevant post, I was basically complaining about the download options for files larger than a quarter of a gigabyte that there needs to be alternate download methods.

I live in a rural location that means I'm lucky to not have dial-up. I have the slowest DSL possible with no options other than costly satellite based internet. I've called my ISP cause I needed just a few extra megs upload to qualify for a job and they told me that I was at the limit of the technology in my area. I called their competitor to find out they don't have the lines ran in my area to provide service and told me that there were not enough people in my area to justify running lines. If I don't use my internet at all a gigabyte download takes over an hour, it'll take even more if I try to use the net and that's if it doesn't drop the connect. I can not imagine that I in the minority net wise. I feel that penguin should code alternative sizes of their videos something I often have to do anyway so I can put them on my phone without wasting space and/or provide a torrent link to the larger files. Though I can understand their reasoning for not doing so.

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