Wednesday, July 22, 2015

French Postcards by Chris Philpott Highbrow or Sleazy

I logged into the The Magic Cafe to find some spam hawking French Postcards by Chris Philpott, first I want to say any Out of this World without playing cards is already better than the original but that's not what I want to talk about. And this seems like an effect I wouldn't object to myself. This effect uses post cards that contain "tasteful" nudity and is basically can you predict which ones are dirty. Now a while ago a set of effects called Tricks against humanity came out. And I recall that a lot of people thought it was the worst thing ever. I remember reading how decent magicians would never have a use for it and the audience wouldn't accept it. But with this post card thing few seem to have that complaint in fact most of the complaining I saw was more to do with the sexism of the cards being all but one female. I can definitely see that last complaint as valid especially if the one male card is played in a homophobic manner.

It's just I fail to see why this effect should be ok while tricks against was not, to me all that is different is the boldness of the crassness. I'll be honest and say that the black pool prediction is one of my favorite effects and has never been ill received mostly cause I can tell when not to do it. I has a friend that knows I can do way more impressive things but he requests I show that one more than anything. I usually just pass him the cards and let him cause he enjoys doing it 100% more than I ever will.

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