Friday, December 30, 2011

Where would I like to go with my magic.

So I figured I'd get on here and talk about where I'd like to go with my magic. Do I want to be a corporate or restaurant magician and do the strolling thing. Do I want to be a busker, and stand in one spot doing the same thing over and over again all day. Do I want to be a stage magician with huge illusions surrounded by half naked assistants. Well part of that last one sounded good.

OK so here is what I would like. I want to get together a performing troupe and take them on the road performing cabaret size shows (35-50 people in the audience). I want to get some juggler and hoopers and other performance artists together and they and myself would do short little pieces, 5-10-15 minutes long for the first hour and then a 15 minute intermission followed by my 45 minute bizarre stage act. Looking for a sort of dark cabaret burlesque feel to the whole production and I want to call it Magnus Asbjorn's Bizarre Bazaar.

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