Monday, September 30, 2013

What I been up to magic wise.

Not a lot, I went on the original hiatus as I got a job at a call center. And some may think that means I have a lot of people to do magic for so lots of practice on. And it's true, there are a lot of people there. But for the most part it's not a good place to do magic. The layout of the seats makes for bad angles, and the worst part is that at in moment a call can come in and interrupt, so I don't do magic on the clock. But I do magic else-when and I'm reasonably good at what I do. And word gets around, so I do get asked to do it randomly as I'm walking across the floor. I've found that my refusal to just do a trick at everyone beck and call and the fact that I'm not bad, has lead to a solid reputation as a magician. People who have never seen me perform are telling people I'm a good magician.

Also even though I've never done a reading at all at work. Women keep stopping me say "I heard you can read palms." Which is weird as I've never even do a reading or mentalism effect.

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