Monday, April 22, 2013

Caveat Emptor or Bad Business.

So Ellusionist recently released three effects with price tags under ten dollars (Modulate, Chaos Theory, and Revoke) and watching their forum it seem that each effect has something not really explained that purchasers would like explained. E will not allow discussion of an expose-y nature, and they will not create a private forum for it either. Their advice is to try and hook up with other users that have the effect (never worked for me) or in the case of revoke to contact customer service because the creator of the effect offered some extra tips and that's how to get them. I think the real problem is that E refuses to create forums for specific effects they release because "They just peter out and so arn't worth the expense" to which I call BS. Nothing I know about technology (I have a college degree in networking) leads me to believe adding forums to the site would be all that much of an expense. And in the few private forums I've been in on the site there was good info to be had, which I feel justifies them. Once those private forums peter out they should have someone go through (I'd bet there would be volunteers to be had so no cost there) and curate them. Single out the good and delete the rest. Then the it goes from a private forum to a private supplement.

But that's not the point, the point is that each of those three downloads left something out that buyers felt was needed. Was this just oversight on the content creators side or did it have to be edited for time or file size (to save E on bandwidth). I can overlook the creator leaving it out for most reasons more than I could stuff left out to save a buck. I mean maybe Danial Madison assumed all those watching his video would know how to get the named card and half the deck in position, not necessarily an unrealistic assumption. But on the other hand maybe E said this video has to be under X minutes so Madison did not have time to teach the control needed. Either way with another cheap instant download available, I wonder what will be missing.

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